My work
CPO, Founder, Investor. 20 year UI/UX, Brand, Creative, Content, Data, Traffic, Conversions. IT, Healthcare, Entertainment, Mass Transit, Hospitality, Travel verticals. Microsoft, Disney, Adobe, McDonalds, Providence, Walgreens.
Mission & Vision
My ongoing goal is to find ways to bring lasting value and new life to my clients and colleagues.
I am a: Humble Listener, CPO, Creative & Art Director & Brand Manager
As an artist we always have dreams about what we want to produce.  Unfortunately making those visions and dreams a reality can be difficult and time consuming.  I remember a time when I spent over 2 months on just one image. Now it was a great image, and it's still one of my favorite piece of art - but as an artist and dreamer there are times when you just want to see what's in your head on screen, just to see if it even makes sense.   
I was asked by Rachel Sartell, the Co-Founder of Chronica ventures to begin a series of concept art projects for her tabletop gaming SaaS, and I have to say I am in my element.  I love this stuff - It will all be available over at but I also just wanted to showcase it here.  
Bit more personal
Well the first thing you need to know is that I (thats me on the right) married up! In every way. I have two wonderful sons and they make me laugh and cry every day. They are smarter than me and more athletic and I'm ok with that.
I was born in Bellevue, Washington and have lived in 8 countries and visited all 50 states. I enjoy family: family time, family movies, family meals... you get the idea.
I enjoy ongoing success working as part of any team in achieving and exceeding the customers and employers expectations.

Absolutely Please feel free to contact me any time (Just use the contact button in the nav)

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